Web Sites

TUMBLEHOME develops functional, unique, visually pleasing web sites. We provide full technical support, including hosting.

DESIGN | Whether you need a brand-new site or to re-think the one you've got, our designers provide inspiration on brand identity, functionality and aesthetics. We'll bring your vision to life — or if you don't have one, sift through your ideas and needs until we find the perfect thing. 

DEVELOPMENT | We work with many platforms, but have special expertise in the Drupal content management system. We like it because it empowers clients to quickly and easily maintain their own site content. We do everything from a simple but compelling site, to sites with complex technology needs along with a great look and feel. Here are some examples:

Faubion Associates
Crowley Wines 
Age Friendly Portland
Red Square Cafe
Mount Tabor Art Walk
Association of Oregon Recyclers
Apartment Loan Store
Bob Stacey for Metro District 6
Coalition for a Livable Future
Business Loan Store
Mrs. Meadows' Class

EVENT SITES | We create custom web sites to promote special events. They handle registration and track up-to-the-minute progress on fundraising goals. These sites can interface with your List Master database — making sales, registration and progress reports fun and easy. Examples:

Walk to Silence Tinnitus
Park Academy's Annual Walk in the Park
Park Academy's Annual Golf Tournament

OREGON WINERIES PACKAGE | We've developed a Drupal-based package specifically for wineries using Oregon Wine Services (OWS) for shipping and storage. Along with a custom, full-featured, beautifully styled web site about your winery, a secure online store sells your wine across the U.S.
See Crowley Wines as an example.

Store features include:

  • Secure credit card processing with funds going directly into your account
  • OWS shipping and handling charges, based on zip code of delivery address, automatically calculated and added to the order
  • OWS shipping and handling charges easily updated when they change
  • Any applicable sales taxes automatically calculated and added to the order
  • Ability to offer discount coupon codes that customers can apply at checkout time
  • “Wine Club” functionality. Customers can join and receive shipments at a later date. Customers can be charged at the time of shipping.
  • OWS pre-filled order sheets generated by the store, printable or by email.
  • A spreadsheet of order details for Quickbooks or other accounting systems generated directly from the orders.

We love working with all wineries, by the way, not just those using OWS.

TRANSACTION/DONATION FORMS | Many web sites use forms for processing donations or sales. They need to be safe, cleanly designed and complete. Tumblehome has extensive experience creating custom transaction/donation forms secured with SSL certificates and dedicated IP numbers.

TRAINING & SUPPORT | We'll train your staff on all aspects of creating and editing your own web site content. We'll be there along the way for support, quickly resolving any technical glitches or brainstorming new features.